How Much Does Online Scheduling Matter? A Lot.

The research is clear: Health systems that want to succeed will adopt online scheduling.

To learn why online scheduling is so important, watch the webinar for an in-depth discussion of findings like these:

  • About 80% of consumers prefer physicians who offer online scheduling over physicians who do not
  • When presented with a choice between otherwise similar physicians, the vast majority of consumers will choose the provider who offers online scheduling
  • By a 4-to-1 margin, consumers prefer to see a physician who has less availability but offers online scheduling

Customers prefer to book their own appointments online — and once they’re accustomed to online scheduling, they don’t go back. If your health system seeks to become more responsive to consumers and to differentiate itself from the competition, you’ll want to view this webinar to see how a simple scheduling solution can make a big strategic difference.

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