Full Speed Ahead: Accelerate Consumer Engagement with Journey Mapping

New Webinar

Healthcare consumers today get information and validation through both digital and social environments, creating a radically new consumer-driven healthcare economy. In order to build meaningful, long-term relationships with these consumers, your organization has to go beyond limited episodic care touchpoints and deliver the quality and conveniences they’ve come to expect from industries outside healthcare. Advances in technology, particularly healthcare customer relationship management (CRM), have made engaging with consumers in these ways easier than ever.

More than a traditional “get the message out” approach, making use of CRM is about using data to inform segmentation strategies so you can connect with consumers in a personalized way that will impact behavior. Turn your patients into loyal advocates by focusing your marketing efforts around building a longitudinal view of the healthcare consumer.

So, what exactly does that mean? How do you even get started?

Join Healthgrades’ consumer engagement expert Heidi Schulte for an all new webinar where she'll discuss the best practices for developing longitudinal consumer engagement, answer questions about your toughest challenges, and give you actionable, key takeaways for helping your organization make an impact throughout the consumer journey.

Date: Thursday, March 28
Time: 1:00 p.m. CT


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