Bridging the Expectation Gap: A Q&A With Ellen Banach

Bridging the Expectation Gap: A Q&A With Ellen Banach

Thanks to industries like online hospitality and dining, consumers today have high expectations for all of the service providers they encounter — including healthcare providers. What options and conveniences can you offer to drive consumers to choose you?

Find out:

  • How smart practices are differentiating themselves now with online scheduling
  • Why your online presence makes a powerful first impression on prospective patients
  • What it means to “meet consumers where they are” — and why it’s so essential to do so
  • How technology can help you coordinate care to help keep patients in-network

Healthcare providers that don’t offer access and convenience to consumers will fall behind those that do.

 About the Presenter

Ellen Banach is an experienced healthcare executive with expertise in developing and executing strategies to drive patient acquisition, build service lines, and increase revenue in competitive environments. Watch her December 2016 webinar with Healthgrades, “Healthcare Disrupted,” here. 

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