ICD-10 Implementation - What You Need to Know

Customer Relationship Management

Under ICD-10, finding a specific service depends on your ability to find the corresponding clinical condition. Ensuring that your ICD-10 codes are up to date will give your marketing department an edge, by letting you identify patients with a specific condition to target them with individualized messages. ICD-10 gives you more power to communicate effectively with those who need your care most.

While some organizations will simply ignore ICD-9 data and let it disappear, Healthgrades has taken a more proactive approach. We believe that maintaining trend data from ICD-9 will help hospitals put together a total care story for true patient engagement.

Healthgrades wants to measure the impact of your multichannel CRM campaigns as accurately as possible. If ICD-9 data is ignored, you won't be able connect patient information from the past to newer trends and data. For more details, download our CRM Client brochure (PDF).

Quality Achievements and Clinical Consulting

ICD-10 code changes went live on October 1, 2015. These changes affect how clinical quality is measured. Healthgrades has been updating its conditions and procedure cohorts to align with the code changes. These cohorts are the foundation for ratings, distinctions, and other quality performance consulting solutions.

Healthgrades aims to adapt its quality performance solutions smoothly and transparently. Hospitals and patients should feel confident that Healthgrades will continue to evaluate hospital quality performance consistently throughout the transition.

Healthgrades methodologies will NOT change during or after the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10. As the transition is made, the statistical validity and clinical meaning of quality measurement will be sustained. The intended definitions of all risk-adjusted model elements (inclusions, exclusions, risk factors, complications, and outcomes) will be preserved.

Detailed information about the transition — including the ratings and distinction process, mappings material, and answers to general questions — can be found in our resource library.

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