January 8, 2015

How do you drive existing patient utilization and grow the right new patient volumes in a highly competitive market? Follow the example of Healthgrades client Providence Holy Cross Medical Center.

Resource Allocation

Holy Cross operates in the competitive and vibrant Los Angeles County market. It wanted to get a jump on its competition to build brand awareness and loyalty in patient populations with a need for obstetrics and oncology services.

Expanding upon previous partnership projects, the hospital leveraged Healthgrades data and predictive models to identify 17,000 additional prospects within its target population. These insights enabled Holy Cross to expand its business opportunities by 63%.

The Campaign

The hospital identified seven distinct patient pathway groupings based on geography and demographics. Each group received three waves of communication, proceeding through hospital awareness to service line information and finally to relationship nurturing. It used a series of individualized, educational communications to reach consumers where they were, online and offline.

Specifically, Holy Cross teamed with Healthgrades to send dynamic, customized mailers on a quarterly basis. The call to action led to a customized URL containing multimedia educational materials. Consumers were encouraged to make an appointment by phone or via an online request form. Search, banner ads, and emails provided regular consumer contact throughout each calendar quarter. Banner ads were also deployed for at-risk individuals using Healthgrades data models.

Measurable ROI

Through its efforts, the hospital generated an impressive 5.62:1 ROI. That included over $825,000 in contribution margin and 994 incremental patients from over 10,000 trackable patients. Moreover, it achieved its specific utilization and new-patient goals:

  • 33% of generated volumes were new patients, while 67% were existing patients
  • 66% of generated volumes were from commercial payers
  • 28% of incremental new patients were within targeted service lines

Healthgrades enabled Holy Cross to measure key metrics at each stage of the campaign life cycle, from initial reach to consumer engagement, and finally to utilization and resulting clinical and financial impact.

How can you grow and defend your hospital’s business? Leverage sophisticated predictive modeling and omni-channel CRM to conduct campaigns that produce measurable impacts on your hospital’s bottom line.

Learn more about Providence Holy Cross Medical Center’s omni-channel marketing campaign here.

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