September 1, 2016

3 Ways

What are the necessary building blocks to effectively apply marketing technology in healthcare? As Healthgrades senior vice president Mayur Gupta shared in a recent interview with Forbes, marketing and technology convergence create three opportunities for healthcare organizations: Understand Human Behavior: The first step to effectively driving consumer choice is to understand basic human behavior. Why do people do what they do? What do they need, both emotionally and health-wise? Before embarking on data aggregation, predictive analytics, and the customer relationship journey, you must understand the context of consumer behavior. How else will you know how to make your solutions relevant to different segments of your population? Connect the Dots by Overcoming Marketing Silos: In traditional healthcare marketing, consumers exist as the blind man’s elephant. Direct-mail marketers see one fragment of the human being, web search and social media specialists see others, and clinicians experience the persona and health issues that present in a specific encounter. The consumer doesn’t exist as a multifaceted individual who is experiencing a holistic patient journey. To understand the consumer’s context and deliver the appropriate content, you must break down those silos and connect the dots of the entire patient experience. How else will you identify the potential health issues and ongoing treatment strategies necessary for effective population health? Become an Agile Organization: Traditional healthcare marketing campaigns involve time-consuming development, big budgets, and slow learning curves. In today’s digital world these campaigns are unlikely to succeed. Consumer behavior, technology, and trends change quickly. To keep up, you must use continual campaign testing, rapid learning, and adaptive strategies. How can you provide your patients with the right qualitative and quantitative data to make good healthcare decisions? When and where do they need this information? Putting patients at the center of healthcare means becoming a responsive, agile organization. How can you reach consumers by leveraging the convergence of healthcare marketing and technology? First, develop a holistic picture of the human experience. Then develop an understanding of how humans behave in different circumstances. Lastly, respond rapidly to human needs. Read Mayur Gupta’s full Forbes interview here. Back to Newsletter Home Page

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